How to get the best out of Facial Vaccum JB - 8620

What is JB-8620?

JB-8620 is an acne pore cleanser that uses a vacuum to pull out all the impurities from your skin. The traditional methods to remove blackheads include squeezing and lots of pain but JB-8620 painlessly removes blackheads and unclogs pores without leaving any scars whatsoever.
The device uses gentle suction to cleanse the skin and it is completely safe and time-saving.

What will you find in the box?

JB-8620 suction device
4 suction heads
Charger plug and wire
Addition rubber rings and vacuum filters

How JB-8620 works:

JB-8620 is a chargeable device. It's portable and easy to travel with.
You can simply charge the device, attach the suction head and use!
The device comes with 5 power setting, starting from very gentle to very strong suction.
Here’s a tip: First 3 power speeds are perfect to use on the delicate skin of face, neck and chest area. Last 2 speed settings works well with the body.

The device comes with 4 suction heads/cups :

Oval head - The all-purpose head is very helpful. The curvy structure of the head helps it to clean the corners of the nose and suck all the dirt. It is also used to give a face-lift, it can tighten your skin and also make it smooth. This one will be your best friend!

Small Circle head - the suction is slightly stronger when you use the circle head, it is perfect to use on skin near the cheeks, forehead , neck and chest to unclog the pores. It is also helpful to lighten blemishes and works well with sensitive skin!

Large Circle head- this one is specially designed to use on the body, it provides deep cleaning of pores with a strong suction on larger areas on the body like the arms, back, legs and the torso. As the suction is so strong we do not suggest using this head-on delicate skin of the face.

Silicone head- Want freedom from dead dry skin? This head has a silicone ring at the edge with has a scrub-like texture, it helps to gently exfoliate the skin and pull out all the dirt, it perfect to use once in a week.

How to use JB-8620

As recommended, the first step would be to get a good hot steam over your face so that the pores are opened up. This will help your skin relax.
Now that you have cleansed and steamed your skin, its time to use the device. Attach the appropriate suction head for the area you want to target, choose a proper speed setting and gently move the device on the skin in an upward direction. Watch all the dirt get sucked out!
After you are done and satisfied with the results, use a cooling toner to seal close the open pores and to kill any bacteria on the skin.
Use the device again the next week if needed. Do not panic if you do not get the results overnight. Patience is the key.

How to clean the suction heads?

The simplest way to clean the suction head is by washing the insides with soap and water.
To disinfect, you can soak the suction heads in warm water and a disinfectant.

Some important things to remember:

Do not use the device on active acne, cuts and burns. The best way to go about it is to wait this the acne is less inflamed and then use the device.

We recommend using the device maximum twice in a week for best results.
Over exfoliating can cause skin damage and inflammations.

Our facial skin is very delicate, and it should not be pulled too hard with the suction device. Extreme strong suction can cause inflammation and even bruises on the skin. Follow the power speed setting instructions and be safe.

Each time you use to the device, make sure to always move the device in an upward direction. If you pull the device downwards, you will loosen your skin and give way to premature lines and wrinkles. We don’t want that!

After every use, clean and disinfect the suction head to avoid bacterial infections.

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